Privacy Policy

We appreciate your faith in us and understand the importance of safe transactions and data privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how collects, uses, shares, or otherwise processes your confidential info via the website, mobile application, and m-site (collectively referred to as the “Platform”). While you may be able to view specific areas of the Platform without registration, you may not be able to access all of them.

You explicitly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use, and the relevant service/product contract terms, and to be enforced by the regulations of India, including but not restricted to the laws applicable to data security and privacy, by attending this Platform, offering your information, or using our product/service. Please do not use or access our Platform if you do not accept it.

Accumulation of Your Data

We gather and keep the information that you submit to us from time to time when you use our Platform. You are no longer anonymous to us once you have provided us with your personal information. We try to make it clear which fields are necessary and which are optional. Please note the following-

  • We may keep track of your purchasing habits, interests, and other information you submit on our Platform.
  • We utilize this data to conduct preparatory work on the demographics, preferences, and activities of our users in order to better understand, protect, and serve them. On a consolidated basis, this data is gathered and evaluated.
  • When you create an account or transact with us, we gather private information (such as your email address, shipping address, name, contact information, credit card/debit card and other money transfer data).
  • We may gather personal correspondence from you, such as emails or letters, as well as correspondence from other customers or third parties concerning your actions or postings on the Platform, into a file dedicated to you.

Management of Demographic / Profile Information

We and our affiliates gather and analyze demographic and profile data about our users’ behaviour on our Platform in order to optimize our products and services. Your IP address is identified and used to assist in the diagnosis of server issues and the administration of our Platform. Your IP address can also be used to recognize you and collect extensive demographic data. We utilize your private data to

  • Provide the product and services you have ordered.
  • Help sellers and business associates handle and deliver products;
  • Offer better customer experience and resolve conflicts
  • Try and fix problems and help endorse a safe service
  • Receive payments and inform you about online and offline offers, products, services, and updates
  • Customize and enhance your shopping experience
  • To have access to your SMS, contacts in your directory, location, and device information if you give us permission.


For marketing and analytical purposes, we utilize cookies from third-party partners such as Google Analytics. We employ data collecting devices such as “cookies” to assist assess our web page flow, monitor promotional efficacy, and encourage trust and safety. “Cookies” are tiny files that are stored on your computer’s hard disc to help us provide our services. Cookies do not hold any personal information about you. We provide some services that are only available with the usage of a “cookie.” We also use cookies to make it easier for you to input your password during a session. Cookies can also assist us in providing information that is tailored to your specific preferences.

The majority of cookies are “session cookies,” which means they are instantly removed from your hard disc when you close your browser. If your browser allows, you may always refuse or delete our cookies; however, you may be unable to access some Platform features and may be forced to re-enter your password more frequently throughout a session if you do so. Additionally, third-party “cookies” or other similar devices may be put on some pages of the Platform by third parties. We have no control over how third parties utilize cookies.

Bestowing of private data

For the purpose of delivering products and services supplied by them, we may share personal information with our other business entities and affiliates. These companies and affiliates may share your personal information with affiliates, business associates, and other third parties in order to provide you with products and services. Please note that-

  • Third parties, such as vendors and business partners, may get your personal information.
  • This information may be required in order for us to provide you with access to our products and services, to fulfil your orders, to improve your experience, to provide product feedback, to collect payments from you, to comply with our legal obligations, to conduct market research or surveys, and to enforce our Terms of Use.
  • To facilitate our marketing and advertising activities, and to analyze data.
  • Without your specific agreement, we do not release your personal information to other parties for marketing or advertising reasons.
  • If compelled by law or in the good-faith assumption that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with inquiries, injunctions, or another judicial process.

Security Precautions

To secure your information, we use appropriate physical, technological, and procedural protections. We utilize a secure server to access your account information at all times. Once we have your information, we follow our security procedures to keep it safe from unwanted access. However, by using the Platform, users acknowledge and accept the inherent security implications of data transmission over the internet and the World Wide Web, which cannot always be guaranteed to be completely secure, and thus there will always be some inherent risks associated with using the Platform. Users are responsible for protecting the security of their account’s login and password records.

Data Retention

We save your confidential info in compliance with relevant legislation for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained or as required by law. We may, however, keep data on you if we feel it is important to prevent fraud or potential misuse, or if we are obliged by law or for other valid reasons. We may keep your data in an anonymized form for analytical and research reasons in the future.

Customer Consent

You consent to the collection, use, storage, disclosure, and other processing of your information (including sensitive personal information) on the Platform in accordance with this Privacy Policy by accessing our Platform or giving your information. If you give us personal information about other individuals, you indicate that you have the permission to do so and that you agree to allow us to use it in line with our Privacy Policy.

Modifications Of Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis for any updates. This Privacy Policy may be attributed to the change in our privacy policies. When we are obliged to do so by relevant legislation, we will notify you of major changes by publishing the date our policy was last updated, displaying a notice on our Platform, or writing you an email.